Tuesday Night Honor! (2010-08-10)

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Tuesday Night Honor! (2010-08-10)

Post  The Gunshow on Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:34 pm

PHWF- Tuesday Night Honor!

2010-08-10 23:30

Number One Contender: King David vs Masked Man
This Isn't Over Yet
PHWF Originals vs New Breed
SilverJ vs Bas Ruteln
The Showdown
Geralt vs scottj
PHWF New Breed vs PHWF "New" New Breed
Tag Team etc.
Number One Contender: Dustin vs Big Greg
PHWF Originals vs New Breed
Ending Segment


Tickets Request: 16.073
Tickets Sold: 16.073
Tickets Income: 160.730 fantaeuros
The Gunshow
The Gunshow

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