Paleghost and The Gun Show (Blood and Glory)

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Paleghost and The Gun Show (Blood and Glory)

Post  Paleghost on Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:13 am

A long Black Limosine pulls up to the Arena.

The door opens and out steps Paleghost accompanied by his bodyguards and translator.

Paleghost grabs a large hockey bag out of the trunk and goes to enter the arena , almost running down The Gun Show in the process.

The Gun Show :"Hey man, there you are nice wheels, you ready for our match?"

Paleghost stops for a second quietly speaking to his translator.

Translator :"Always."

The Gun Show :"What?"

Translator :"Paleghost says that he is always ready."

The Gun Show frowns.

The Gun Show :"Eh whatever, is he like your dummy, is this some sort of weird Ventrilo act? "

Paleghost frowns and whispers something to his Translator.

Translator :"Paleghost says that it's "Ventriloquist act", not Ventrilo that's a computer program for communicating with other computer players on the web, anyway he says Why waste time and energy with trivial matters, when we could be using the energy to win matches."

The Gun Show :"What?"

Paleghost :"I will let my actions in the ring do my talking for me, perhaps you should do the same."

The Gun Show :Ahh ya whatever.. I was just .."

Paleghost turns and walks away into the arena accompanied by his bodyguards and translator.


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