No loyalty?

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No loyalty?

Post  !mpact on Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:25 pm

After the match for the PHWF Impact Championship match, !mpact enters the locker room and walks to Mr. Smith and Maddragon. When both of them noticed him he immediately starts to speak.

!mpact:Just wanted to talk to you about what just happened out there in the ring. Its clearly that the only purpose of this match was to race us against each other only to make us disbanding The Organization. And you may think that I showed no loyalty because I didn't back off to fight against both of you for that title. If thats the case I can tell you that you're wrong...

While talking !mpact takes off his gloves and elbow pads and puts them into his locker.

!mpact:... I think we fight for the rights of us - the wrestlers - and against the arbitrariness of the GM. Since every wrestler has the right for a fair match under fair conditions against fair opponents and because I'm a athlete like everyone else I decided to take my chance for the gold. Also the Organization shouldn't replace the arbitrariness of the GM against its own! I think you agree with that?

!mpact waits for a response...

(OOC - Sorry for not RPing the last two weeks - I was quite busy.)

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Re: No loyalty?

Post  The Gunshow on Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:33 pm

You guys can continue on in this RP but just change the context to past. Since we are on a season break and the PPV happened last season.

Thank You =)

btw- welcome back !mpact
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