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Post  tokermon on Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:13 am

The lights in the arena fade to black, when the sound of vinyl scratching begins, so does an impressive laser show.
A strobe light flickers madly above the titantron, and as a curtain of sparks fall from the celing, the team of the DJs enter equipped with microphones. The music errupts in to an electronic fueled dance crechendo as they make thier way down the entrance ramp as the crowd goes wild.
SilverJ stands on one turnbuckle, and tokermon the other, punching the air in unison to the beat of the crazed music.
As the tune fades, they hop down on to the ring canvas, tokermon raises his microphone and yells:
Once again the crowd errupts in agreeance with the team.
"Ok so over the last few months you have seen us rockin the club circuit and ruling the ring. Tonight we face a team that don't have the bottle to announce themselves to the PHWF masses before the event. Dont get me wrong, this rosta is full of good wrestlers, however it appears that tonights contenders have no backbone"
"Thats right" agrees SilverJ "the fans have a right to know what to expect from a match, and I feel the love knowing that this many people want to see the match knowing only that the DJs are in the HOUUUSE!!! The crowd once again cheers.
"but we have a suprise for you guys, our faithfull. We have been hitting the gym...hard, and tonight you will see skills unrivaled by ANY of our past matches!!!! So to our "mystery" team, if you think you can handle it, get out here now, and we'll see whos got the minerals"
The DJs toss thier microphones to one side and stand watching the entrance ramp in anticipation......


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