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Post  Shadow Hawk on Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:02 am

Shadow Hawk dressed in his street gear, walks into the GM’s office with an expression of utter confusion and disgust. Crossing his arms and standing against the wall, Shadow Hawk scratches his right eyebrow contemplating what to say.

Shadow Hawk: So there I was. In one of the better PPV I been since my FHK days. Fighting for the PHWF Intercontinental Champion, in one of the best match of my career. And at the prelude to the end, covered in blood and slightly injured. The fans were cheering and in awe at such a spectacle that it should go down in history as the best match for the IC title. But, and I do me BUT, before anyone could figure out who would win. Psycho Joe had me dead to rights, would he retain or would I like I had throughout the match bounce back and hit a finisher to make my debut season in PHWF more memorable by winning the title. Before it was all said and done, glorified fanboy decided that the match was over and that it was a draw.

Shadow Hawk pauses for a moment and laugh mirthlessly

Shadow Hawk: A DRAW! What is this, the wild west!? WHO IN THE NETHERREALM is that loser to decide when WE ARE DONE. I could still fight, Psycho could still fight and yet nothing was resolved. Because of a pinworm decided enough was enough.

Shadow Hawk takes a moment to calm down.

Shadow Hawk: Now I ask you, as GM, what do you think of this complete and total mess?
Shadow Hawk
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