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A Job Interview Empty A Job Interview

Post  Miss Teschmacher on Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:57 pm

The Mississippi Mauler is seen sitting in his office doing some paper work he looks at the clock and back down with a frustrated look on his face he stands up and paces up and down the floor of the office he then hears a knock on the offices door he walks over and opens it to see a woman in a black suit and white shirt with a tie and black belt ??? extends a her hand to The Mississippi Mauler who just stares at him with full eyes ??? walks in the office and looks around with a impressed look on her face she then sits down and looks at The Mississippi Mauler to sit

???: hello The Mississippi Mauler i am here for the job to be your assistant my name is Miss Teschmacher and i am a woman of my word and if i get this job i will not let you down i promise you that

The Mississippi Mauler still staring at MT grabs a piece of paper off his table and give it to MT who gets a serious look on her face

MT: hm well i guess i will sign it with my signature

Johnny then writes on the piece of paper and gives it back to him

GM Mauler: Ok Miss Teschmacher i will give you one week to impress me after that i will decide if you get the job or not. I have a lot of things on my plate and that is why i need an assistant. As you know.. the fans know.. the ENTIRE WORLD knows that I am getting back into the ring to fight my own battles. So that means I won't have enough time to file papers, take people's complaints, etc. So if you could help out here and sort these papers in alphabetical that would be great.

The Mississippi Mauler reaches over behind his desk and lifts up a stack of papers probably around 3 feet high. GM Mauler places the stack on the desk in front Miss Teschmacher.

GM Mauler: So I would like for you to get started right away as I take my leave. I have a match coming up in a few so I would like to go get ready for that. Just show me you can follow my orders, do some good hard work, and you will earn the job as my assistant.

Miss Teschmacher: Thank you so much for this chance GM Mauler. I will not let you down.

MT stands up and shakes The Mississippi Mauler hand. GM Mauler then walks out of his office as Johnny eagerly starts working on his work as the camera fades out

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