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Post  Miss Teschmacher on Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:44 am

Miss Teschmacher is seen finishing the papers The Mississippi Mauler asked her to do she then sites down in the nice and clean office she cleaned the door opens and a tired and sweating The Mississippi Mauler walks in and looks at the office and smiles he then see the papers in order as he asked and looks at Miss Teschmacher who is a sleep on the couch The Mississippi Mauler grabs a blanket and puts it over Miss Teschmacher who is starting to wake up but suddenly sees The Mississippi mauler who is standing in front of her

MT: oh The Mississippi Mauler i am so sorry i just feel a sleep but i am awake now and i i am so sorry please can you forgive me please give me one more chance please i beg you

Miss Teschmacher who is on her knees begging for forgiveness but suddenly The Mississippi Mauler who puts his hand on Miss Teschmacher who looks up at him

The Mississippi Mauler: its ok you did a fine job and the office looks perfect your aloud to rest now and again i expect that from you after a good hours work you even filed the papers i wanted thank you

Miss Teschmacher stands up and with a sparkly shine in her eye bows to TMM

Miss Teschmacher:thank you so much is there anything else i can do?

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The First Task Empty Re: The First Task

Post  The Gunshow on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:06 am

GM Mauler ponders his thoughts for a second and then realizes what else she can do.

GM Mauler: Actually there is. I want you to go into the PHWF Originals' locker room and tell the Tag Team Champs that they need to get limbered up for their match thats coming up. The main event of the evening. Filthy and scottj already know they have to defend their titles tonight but us PHWF Originals... Well we get ready for matches by drinking and having a good time. So I just want you to go over there and remind them to get ready. That is about all that I have for you to do though Miss Teschmacher.
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