The Dudely Incident!

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The Dudely Incident! Empty The Dudely Incident!

Post  Dr. Smith on Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:54 pm

Dr. Smith walks to the ring with the PHWF Impact championship belt draped over his shoulder. He enters the ring and looks out at the crowd before raising his microphone.

Dr. Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm out here tonight for a very, very serious matter. I know you're expecting me to talk about this belt I have on my shoulder. It's true I managed to make an impact by winning at the PPV, but I credit that to the fact that I have The Organization behind me. We watch out for each other, and try to bring out the best in this sport. That being said, I need to show a clip from another match at said PPV featuring none other than !mpact!

The screen flashes to the ending of the match
Tom Dudely's entrance music errupts through the PA system. As Tom Dudely runs to the ring and slides into the ring. Tom Dudely then stands face to face with !mpact, whom has his hand extended out for a hand shake. Tom Dudely slaps !mpact's hand away and throws a right hook. !mpact ducks under the swing and grabs Tom Dudely by the waist band and tosses him out of the ring. !mpact then focuses his attention back towards Street Ronin.

Dr. Smith: This wasn't the result of an attack, a verbal sparring, or even any ill will. No, this was the result of simply asking if Mr. Dudely wanted to join The Organization. All I can say is this: There's this wonderful response in our language which is simply saying "no thank you". Instead of taking a swing at someone, you should just try using that response. We of The Organization only want the best for wrestlers. We want this to be as fun and safe of an environment as possible for both the wrestlers and you fans. Surely that's not so horrible a goal as to deserve a blatant attack, is it?

((OOC: Left the end part without Dr. Smith walking out in case someone came out to dispute him Smile ))

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The Dudely Incident! Empty Re: The Dudely Incident!

Post  Tom Dudely on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:56 am

"Kamikaze" by Five Iron Frenzy plays over the loudspeakers and the crowd erupts into cheers as PHWF Lightweight Champion Tom Dudely makes his way to the top of the ramp. He has the PHWF Lightweight Championship hanging over his shoulder. Tom has a microphone in his hand.

Tom: Dr. Smith, if that is your real name, I don't believe we've really had the pleasure to meet. I'm the man who beat Direx for the Lightweight Championship. Something that you couldn't do. I'm also the man who will, single-handedly if I have to, take down The Organization.

Tom adjusts the title belt on his shoulder.

Tom: Where you come from Dr. Smith, apparently, they didn't teach you how to respect each other. They taught you to take advantage of people shortcomings and weaknesses. They taught you how to be a bully.

Tom paces a little at the top of the ramp.

Tom: Back home in Dudelyville, we don't put up with bullying. I don't know if you really care about anyone but yourself or if you just like picking on weaker people, but that... stops... here!

The crowd burst into cheers.

Tom: Maybe my attack was a little much. Then again, I've seen Alicia Keys attempt to use words to resolve your differences to no avail. The only thing that can get through to a bully is violence and when I'm done with The Organization you'll all know the answer to the question... "Who's your Dudely?"

(OOC: I like that as an ending but leaving it open just in case anyone wants to add.)

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