darkness puching bag arrives

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darkness puching bag arrives Empty darkness puching bag arrives

Post  hasate on Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:32 am

Camera focuses the ring and it seems that someone is gonna come in. Suddenly the titantron explodes and the crowd starts cheering. Suddenly a dog appears with a letter tied in his kneck. He goes to the comentator table to give the letter. The comentator takes it and the dog lefts the arena. The crowd is confused. Suddenly a voice coming from nowhere starts reading the letter.

??????: Today is a huge day. Today is gonna be the first day for me in this federation, so hi everyone and prepare to go to another level. I have come from a mondial federation to make this go mondial and be the top star.

The crowd looks confused and starts booing.

??????: As i supposed you are booing so let me explain something, I'm gonna sweep this federation and prove who is valid to go mundial and who is not. So be proud cause you are gonna see the last top champion of a mondial federation wrestling for you.

The crowd burst and starts cheering.

??????: (Shouthing) TODAY IS THE DEBUT OF THE DARKNESS PUCHING BAG!!! hasate!!!

The crowd cheers and the camera switches of.


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