The Dudely Incident - Part II

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The Dudely Incident - Part II Empty The Dudely Incident - Part II

Post  !mpact on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:24 pm

(OOC: Didnt't want to reply to the firs part since its looks strange if one wretler after the other appears. So this happens some time later at the same event or something)

!mpact walks out while his entrance music plays. He grabs a mic and slides into the ring where he tries to drown out the booing and cheering of the crowd..

!mpact: Are... are you serious?!

The audience calms down

!mpact: Are you serious?! You really think you could take the Organization down? Really?

While !mpact is speaking an endless loop of the scenes of the last PPV start playing on the screen showing Tom Dudeley missing his punch against !mpact and later fleeing from The Organization after Tom's Lightweight Champ match.

!mpact: And what did you say earlier that night? We will know the answer to "Whos your Dudeley"? I'd say you're nothing than a stupid coward trying to get some attention. But when it gets though you're the first one running away. Really thats not the way you can take down The Organization. You're talking about respect and tried to interfere in my match? Ha! I can't believe that - can't believe that I offered you to join The Organization! But beleive me! You will regret you decision!

!mpact stops talking for some seconds and takes a deep breath... He continues and pretends hes talking to himself

!mpact: I need to calm down... People like you shouldn't even bother me... We will settle this in a match.. yeah... thats how you do it the right way.. No need to dumb down to this level.

!mpact smirks. He looks up and turns his head left to right like hes talking to someone at the arenas roof.

!mpact: I hope you GM's noticed that!

!mpact throws the mic aside and leaves the ring while "dragula" by rob zombie starts playing.

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