The Arrival

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The Arrival

Post  Kurt Cobain on Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:21 am

Two bodyguards are standing backstage , next to the entrants in the parking lot.

Bodyguard One: Hey , do you know who we need to wait for right now??

Bodyguard Two: I'm not sure ,he seems like a big big dog since h was personaly invited by the GM. Maybe a new wrestler?!?

Suddenly light flashes and a limo arrives in the parking lot. One of the bodyguards steps forward and opens the door. A man steps out of the limo , but his face can't be seen due to the camera angle and the fact that he wears a hoodie on top of his head.

Bodyguard Two: Mr. Mauler told us to welcome you and to acompany you to directly visit him in his office, Mr...?!?!

Anonymous Guy: Non of your business , man!

The anonymous guy starts walking towards the entrant, but Bodyguard One walks in his way

Bodyguard One: Hey , who do you think you are you shittly little wrestler?! No "thank you", No tip or anything, we should beat you up right now. Let's see if Mauler gives you a contract if you arrive at his offive beaten and bloodied.

Anonymous Guy: Watch your mouth , kiddo! I think you don't know who you're talking to!

Slowly the guy puts of his hoodie. Due to the camera angle the only thing from his head which can be seen are his blonde hair. The bodyguard meanwhile has his eyes opened in shock and amazement

Bodyguard One: You!!!....You are....

Anonymous Guy: Don't wet yourself little pineapple!

With that said, the anonymous guy pushes the Bodyguard easyly away and walks into the entrant and out of the sight of the camera.
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