Tuesday Night Honor! (2010-11-16)

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Tuesday Night Honor! (2010-11-16)

Post  The Gunshow on Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:45 pm

PHWF- Tuesday Night Honor!

2010-11-16 23:30

Dark Match
MNEU-Jonasis vs. Rizza 'man (Hardcore)
Unanswered Questions
5tiger vs. KevinBenoit
Street Ronin vs. Logray
One More Time
Direx vs. Big Greg
A Few 'Kind' Words
Rubio/Hunter vs. Peacemaker/King David
The Dudely Incident!
Bas Rutlen vs. cannadian killer (Last Blood)
Cannibal Thor vs. Terrible Terrier (LMS)
The Dudely Incident - Part II
Title match: PHWF Lightweight Championship<


Tickets Request: 20.300
Tickets Sold: 20.300
Tickets Income: 203.000 fantaeuros
The Gunshow
The Gunshow

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