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London Calling Arrives Empty London Calling Arrives

Post  BDD on Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:36 am

The lights in the PWF arena start to fade and red, white and blue spotlights start to flash around the entrance ramp. The crowd seem to quieten down wondering what is going on.

London Calling by The Clash explodes through the speakers into the arena with a deafening volume.

Bursting through the curtains charges a huge man standing well over 7 feet tall wearing a Union Jack Patterned coat and top hat carrying a British Flag. He steps to one side at the top of the ramp.

Following through the curtain steps an athletically built man wearing Union Jack short trousers he stops next to his partner and looks around the arena with an enquiring eye. He moves over and says something to the big man who nods and they make there way down the ramp towards the ring tagging the fans on the way.

On reaching ring side they both stop briefly and then in unison standing jump onto the outside of the ring apron, they then look around and start to wave their British Flags proudly.

The big man steps over the top rope with ease while his partner leaps athletically over the top rope into the ring.

They are both passed microphones and the music is shut off, the fans after there initial bemusement now start to be giving the two new comers a warm reception.

BDD: So this is PWF bro, none to shabby if you ask me.

His partner nods slightly with a wry grin on his face

BDD: (laughs) Well ladies and gentle, boys and girls for those of you who don’t know who we are this here (indicating his partner) is my long time running buddy; Wraslar to his friends and The Benchmark to everyone else this guys been there seen it and designed the T shirt pretty much everything in this business.

Wraslar: And this guy here (looking up and down at the big man) apart from being every fast food chains no.1 customer is Big Daddy Darkenliet; one of the most powerful and devastating men I’ve ever come across in this business. As you may have worked out from the bill for the night together we are Britain’s proud sons London Calling.

BDD: Now from what I’ve been told our opponents tonight Ivy and Xoric are one of the biggest team in PWF former tag team champions no less. Apart from this I don’t know too much about them but they sure as hell will get to know London Calling by the end of tonight. Its obvious that our esteemed new General manager has chosen these guys to not only show us the standard of competition here in PWF but also to test us out.

Wrasler: Yeah BDD it certainly looks that way but you know as well as I do that people reputations mean nothing to me, until they’ve actually stepped in the ring with the Benchmark. Now I have had a look at our opponents and Xorics a big guy so you should be able to have some fun tonight too.

BDD: Well I can Garen- damn- t everybody in PWF, the fans, the GM and every team and competitor back stage after tonight you will all be well aware that London Calling have arrived.

Red White and Blue pyros explode around the arena and the team music hits again as th team make there way to the back again tagging fans as they go.


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