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Post  Shadow Hawk on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:09 pm

Shadow Hawk’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring, full clad in his gear for his upcoming match. Grabbing a mic, Shadow Hawk paces the ring a few times, before taking a deep breath. As he speaks, an eerily calm tone emulates from his voice.

Shadow Hawk: Ladies and Gentlemen, there comes a time in any competitor’s life when they must realize their own weakness. In which, they must take a step back and understand that they are demising their potential based upon the most simplest of things, and that is hubris. I may be a lot of things, yet in my effort to take a championship, I fell victim to my own hubris. With that, I lost countless times, in various styles of matches. It is this, that has caused me nothing by anguished every single night. Ever night I dream of my losses. Every accursed night, I replay everything I did wrong, everything I could of done to win. Every bloody thing imaginable, and yet I see myself falling to the ground and hearing the count...

Shadow Hawk raises his right hand, and counts 1, 2, 3.

Shadow Hawk: As I dreamt of things I can’t grasp, I was being slowly dragged into the depths of hell by my own weakness. To spend eternity, reliving my life greatest failures in matches, in fights, in given tasks. Spending eternity, wishing for things to be different. To be better than it was before. As I screamed for salvation, no voice came out. The only voice I heard was not of my own, but of another

Shadow Hawk voices shifts otherworldly as he imitates what he heard

You forfeited your life, the moment you became so self-absorbed. Now spend your time in the prison of your mind.

Shadow Hawk: Therefore, I come to a realization that there are something that are worth taking and there are things that are earned. Whatever, the case maybe, I care not how I achieve my task. I will make sure everyone remember. I left everything in the ring, win or lose. My resolve will be unquestionable, my heart will be true, and my mind will be as cold and as calculating as it never had before. For every defeat, there will be a victory, for every victory there will be redemption, and for my path to redemption, there will only be chaos. My path is clear, my soul is no longer clouded.

Shadow Hawk takes a deep breath one more time

Shadow Hawk: All that is left is to say is this. Paleghost, it is a pity that you became my first opponent after my realization. But, know this. One of us will be walking away from the ring, and the other will be cover in pool of our own blood. If the latter is true, then I shall rise laughing at the sky as the bloody drips from my body. Knowing that my first victim will be YOU.

Shadow Hawk
Shadow Hawk

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