Friday Night Revive! (2010-11-19)

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Friday Night Revive! (2010-11-19) Empty Friday Night Revive! (2010-11-19)

Post  The Gunshow on Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:53 pm

PowerHouse Wrestling Federation

2010-11-19 23:30

Task 1
Jobber? hasate again
hasate vs Chris Jackson
London Calling Arrives
Ivy & Xoric vs London Calling
Kurt Cobain and Miss Teschmacher
scottj vs SilverJ
Task 2
Filthy vs tokermon
PHWF Originals Locker Room
RockyVlad & Geralt vs Ahmed Johnson & dreamslasher
Shadow Hawk talks
Number One Contender Match: IC Championship
St. Jude's Hospital
PHWF Originals vs Powerhouse Gonzo & Kurt Cobain
Ending Segment


Tickets Request: 34.214
Tickets Sold: 34.214
Tickets Income: 342.140 fantaeuros
The Gunshow
The Gunshow

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