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Gold Rush Tournament Empty Gold Rush Tournament

Post  The Gunshow on Tue May 25, 2010 4:20 pm

okay guys, starting Friday June 4th PHWF will start a 16man "Gold Rush" Tournament where the 2 Finalists will compete at the PPV for the PHWF Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. This tournament will take place every Friday starting on June 4th. Check here for updates on contestants and their opponents.

Match #1- TheDaywalker vs Evan Bourne----- WINNER: TheDayWalker

Match #2- "PHWF Original" the legend wrecker vs Great Bear----- WINNER: Great Bear

Match #3- The Rimshot vs TRIPLE B (BIG BAD BOSS)----- WINNER: The Rimshow

Match #4- KevinBenoit vs Chris Laffey----- WINNER: Chris Laffey

Match #5- Hugh Michaels vs Super Simmo----- WINNER: Hugh Michaels

Match #6- Franz "The German" Schmidt vs "PHWF Original" Ice_Blast----- WINNER: Ice_Blast

Match #7- Rizza'man vs !mpact----- WINNER: Riazz 'man

Match #8- Ivy vs Daniel Johnson----- WINNER: Daniel Johnson



Match #1- TheDaywalker vs GREAT BEAR---- WINNER: GREAT BEAR

Match #2- The Rimshot vs Hugh Michaels---- WINNER: Hugh Michaels

Match #3- Chris Laffey vs Ice_Blast---- WINNER Chris Laffey

Match #4- Rizza 'man vs Daniel Johnson---- WINNER Daniel Johnson



Match #1- Great Bear vs Hugh Michaels

Match #2- Chris Laffey vs Daniel Johnson

These are all of the contestants in the 16man Gold Rush Tournament!!
Please write an RP for your matches to give it some build-up
The Gunshow
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