PHWF Presents: "Backlash!" (2011-01-04)

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PHWF Presents: "Backlash!" (2011-01-04)

Post  The Gunshow on Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:39 pm

PHWF Presents: "Backlash!"

2011-01-04 23:30

Opening Segment
Don't Care
Cannibal Thor vs Budzik
Returning to the Ring
PHWF Impact Championship Match!!
GM Mauler's Busy Office
The Gunshow Is Coming Back!
hasate vs dreamslasher (Hardcore Match)
The Master of Disaster
Title match: PHWF Lightweight Championship<
Dreagan has arrived
The Organization vs MNEU-Jonasis & Potshot
Championship vs Career
Better Make Notice
Title match: PHWF Intercontinental Championship
Playboy's Debut
PHWF Tag Team Championship Match!!!
Career Over?
Title match: PHWF Undisputed Heavyweight Champi
Ending Segment


Tickets Request: 40.337
Tickets Sold: 40.337
Tickets Income: 403.370 fantaeuros
The Gunshow
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