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Playboy arrives - Jan 7 Empty Playboy arrives - Jan 7

Post  Playboy on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:38 pm

The crowd cheers as Playboy is shown walking in through the backstage door accompanied by 3 beautiful women. Playboy is talking and the women are chuckling flirtatiously when they are interrupted by Joey Porter. Playboy and the women stop and Playboy removes his sunglasses.

Playboy: Joey... a pleasure to finally meet you.

Playboy extends his hand and Joey shakes it.

Joey: The pleasure is all mine Playboy. Have a minute or two?

Playboy: Sure thing. What's up?

Joey: Just want some thoughts on your match tonight. What can Powerhouse Wrestling Federation fans expect to see from you?

Playboy thinks for a second.

Playboy: It's simple. The fans can expect to see The Playboy stick his foot in someone's ass and get his hand raised in victory. The more my opponent resists, the more likely they are to get seriously injured. I don't care who management puts in there with me... I'm going to win and move forward to my goal of becoming champion here.

Playboy looks to the girls.

Playboy: You see, Joey... these ladies know that Playboy is the best there is. No one else comes close. And when tonight's match is done, we're going to hop in the limo, head to the penthouse suite and party the night away... like only the Playboy can.

Playboy looks to the girls again.

Playboy: Come on, ladies.

Playboy and the ladies walk away. As the lady closest to Joey passes by, she runs her index finger along Joey's jaw and exaggerates her wiggle until out of camera sight. Joey is visibly distracted, looking off the camera in the direction that Playboy and the ladies walked away.

Joey: And, uhh... umm...

Joey shakes his head to regain his senses and looks to the camera.

Joey: And there you have it. A confident Playboy comes into the arena tonight ready for any challenge put in front of him. Lets go back to the arena for more action.

The scene returns to the arena.


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