Friday Night Revive! (2011-01-07)

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Friday Night Revive! (2011-01-07) Empty Friday Night Revive! (2011-01-07)

Post  The Gunshow on Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:27 pm

PowerHouse Wrestling Federation

2011-01-07 23:30

GM's Office
Missy Rain vs Big Daddy Darkenliet
The Friday Night Delight
PHWF Originals vs paleghost & Shadow Hawk
Dreagan Speaks
Tension Between PHWF Originals?
#1 Contenders Match: PHWF Undisputed Heavyweight T
Duke's Statement
kurt cobain vs dreagan (Last Blood Match)
Playboy Arrives
Bayou Gator & Dirty Mike vs Detritus & Xoric
After Detritus First Match
RockyVlad vs Duke (Non-Title Match/Hardcore Match)
Playboy & Wraslar vs Deadgrave & Wrath


Tickets Request: 57.277
Tickets Sold: 57.277
Tickets Income: 572.770 fantaeuros
The Gunshow
The Gunshow

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