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Post  Mad Dragon on Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:57 am

*MNEU-Jonasis immediately slides out of the ring once winning the match against Mad Dragon and runs up the ramp to Backstage. Mad Dragon Stands up and sighs to himself and then looks up and smiles*

Mad Dragon: Heh. He just got lucky. And anyway... I wasn't in peak physical condition because of my accident early last year when I was hit by a car in the parking lot.

*Mad Dragon leans on the ropes facing one side of the audience*

Mad Dragon: Luckily, I recently found out who hit me. Who caused me all that pain and suffering for nearly 3 months! And believe me... I am going to make them pay dearly. I replayed some Footage from a Security Camera of me getting hit over and over again and eventually I decided to play it in slow motion and guess what I saw? Roll the Footage!

*The Footage in Black & White is of Mad Dragon walking across the Parking Lot in Slow Motion. He makes it to the middle of the Lot*

Mad Dragon: Pause! And do it Frame by Frame!

*The Footage begins to move Frame by Frame as a Car comes towards Mad Dragon and hits him. Just as the Impact occurs, Mad Dragon yells again*

Mad Dragon: Pause! And Zoom in!

*The Footage Zooms in and the person driving the car can be clearly seen. The Audience is obviously shocked*

Mad Dragon: Now... Is that... Or is that not... Michael Chu from the Announce Table!

*The Camera changes its view to Michael who is sweating immensely glancing around at everyone as they all stare at him. Michael eventually grabs a microphone and stands up*

Michael: Ok.. I admit it... I hit him with the car. But Mad Dragon. You are one of the most rudest, most insulting people to the human race and the worst possible person to ever be a wrestler.

*Mad Dragon looks infuriated but calms down slightly*

Mad Dragon: Hmm... That may be... But that still gives you no reason to run me over in the damn Carpark. You could have killed me! But that's all in the past now. Now... You are in major trouble. I'm challenging you to a match on the Next Tuesday Night Honor!

*Michael stares at Mad Dragon intensely with Jesse looking on dumb-founded*

Michael: I Accept!

*Mad Dragon stands back and Smiles*

Mad Dragon: Good on you Chu. I knew you wouldn't back down. But how about we make it even more interesting?

Michael: How?

Mad Dragon: Well.. To make it interesting.. I offer the suggestion of not only making it a normal match but a Last Man Standing match so I can punish you to the fullest Extent that I can.

*Michael looks down worryingly for a few seconds before looking back up*

Michael: Ok... You're on!

Mad Dragon: Good... See you next week Michael for your beating.

*Mad Dragon hops out of the ring and walks backstage as the scene fades to black*
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