Playboy interview - Jan 14

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Playboy interview - Jan 14 Empty Playboy interview - Jan 14

Post  Playboy on Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:00 am

The crowd applauds as Joey is shows in the backstage interview area with Playboy by his side.

Joey: Playboy. Tonight you team up with Dirty Mike to face Aleister Deadgrave and Bayou Gator. What are your thoughts going into tonight’s match?

Playboy: Well, Joey. Last week, I was partnered with Wraslar and we destroyed... not just beat... destroyed... Aleister Deadgrave and Wrath. Tonight, another tag team partner facing Deadgrave and another tag team partner. I don’t get it... but I don’t care. You see... I realize I’m new here and I need to prove myself. Management can put me in there against whoever... partnered with whoever... and they’ll eventually see that I am the best damn thing going today. Women across the globe know it...

The women in the audience squeal.

Playboy:... eventually management will clue in.

Joey: You stated on previous occasions that you were here for one thing... wrestling gold. With you being put in tag matches, does tag team gold bother you?

Playboy: Joey, the only reason anyone should be in this business is to be the best. If a wrestler is not looking at the gold as their ultimate goal, then they need to take their gear, pack up and go home. Now take one look...

Playboy opens his robe, much to the approval of the female fans in the crowd who respond audibly.

Playboy: ...The Playboy looks good. The Playboy... looks damn good. But The Playboy looks especially good in gold. One day, in the not so distant future, there will be gold around this waist. It doesn't matter if it's single's gold... or tag team gold... or both. You can count on it... the Playmates around the world can count on it... all the other wrestlers in Powerhouse Wrestling can count on it. The cream eventually rises to the top. And Joey... the ladies have a great appreciation for The Playboy’s cream.

The women in the audience squeal one last time in approval as Playboy walks away from the interview area, leaving Joey behind.

Joey (clearing his throat.): A-hem... I don’t know if Powerhouse Wrestling was a PG rated show, but I have a feeling that rating will soon be going out the window. The Playboy is ready to do what it takes to prove to Powerhouse Wrestling that he deserves to be wearing gold. If he continues performing like he did last week, it’s only a matter of time. Now back to Jesse and Michael in the arena.


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