After the first win cames.........the second!!

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After the first win cames.........the second!! Empty After the first win cames.........the second!!

Post  duke on Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:30 pm

Jesse Victoria – Good night ladies and gentlemen, Michael, what can we see in tonight matches?

Michael Chu – I think it will see a great show, after last night i wont to see if the victory of Duke against the Champion was only beginner luck or if it to go on.

Jesse Victoria – Thats an interesting thing to see, but the match of today will be a litlle different, it will be a tag match.

Michael Chu – Thats true, but he will have a great help, his tag partner is nothing more than the GM The Gunshow.

Jesse Victoria – Hello Steve, I think that you have Duke with you.

Joey Porter – Hi Jesse, thats true,he is here with me and we will what he thinks about the match.

Joey Porter – Tell us Duke what you think that will appen tonight?

Duke – I feel like i will win my secound victory!!

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – You are very confiant in a victory.

Duke – Shure i am, i allready defeat the champion, now the other matches will be very easy, i dont see any difficulties.

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – But today you dont deppend only in your strengh to win, you have to count with your tag partner?

Duke – Yes, but i am very good in tag matches and i will have a great partner hellping me.

Joey Porter – Thanks Duke for the interview, this is all from here.


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