After Fan Appreciation night 2

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After Fan Appreciation night 2 Empty After Fan Appreciation night 2

Post  TheAmericanSamurai on Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:29 am

--The big screen goes black and the arena darkens, the text 'After Tuesday's show' describing what's going to be shown appear then fade away.--
--The shot fades in on a bloodied Max Thomas sitting on a folding chair in his locker room, a big grin on his face as he looks off into the distance out of shot.--

Max: Tonight I did what nobody expected,
I took that roided up alcoholic Paul Andrews to his limit in a steel cage.

--He turns his head and looks into the camera through the blood dripping in front of his eyes.--
None of you gave me a chance in hell, but I beat the odds.
And do you want to know why that is?

--Screamed.-- Because I'm straightedge!
--Max looks at the camera, his look shifted to one of great intensity, as he stares at it for a few moments.--

--Nearly whispered.--
And that makes me better than you.
--He leans back and looks at the floor with a growing grin.--
It's really ironic that this show's called Fan Appreciation...
because I appreciate you just as much as you appreciate me.

--The straightedge superstar grins and pauses for a second before lifting his head.--
For the sake of most of you idiots out there, I'll make it simple.
None of you care about me, and I certainly don't care about any of you beer-swilling, cigarette smoking morons.
But that doesn't really matter now does it?
Because Friday I have the chance to stand at the top of the mountain, looking down on all of you and the entire locker room,
reminding all of you what you could be if you just put down the cup,
if you just put out the cancer stick.

--Max looks to the side and takes another pause as if to think about what he just said before chuckling and looking back at the camera.--
But the truth is none of you could ever come close to my greatness.
Duke, I really wouldn't get too used to keeping those belts on your shoulders,
because I'm putting them where they belong and putting all you pathetic parasites in your place
and when it's all over, when you're looking up at the lights with blood splattering over your vision, your ears ringing with the chorus of misinformed boos from these people,
you will know, all of you will know, that I'm simply better.

Then maybe you'll finally see things my way,
then maybe you'll finally understand,

--He leans in toward the camera and crosses his arms in an 'x', his wrist tape already cut to reveal the 'x' tattoos on the backs of his hands.--
That straightedge, makes me better than you.
--Max stays like that for a long moment, letting everyone watching the footage take in his bloody but unbroken visage, before standing up and walking offscreen.
The pre-recorded segment fading to black as the arena lights return.--

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