The champ is here!!!!

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The champ is here!!!! Empty The champ is here!!!!

Post  duke on Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:44 pm

Joey Porter – Attencion everyone, the champion is Hereeeee!!!

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – Hello Duke, last night you won your title, but you allready have to deffend your title, are you ready for the chalenge?

Duke – Of course, i cant be more ready!!

Duke – I am confiant in my 4 straith win and i will keep my belt.

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – If you lose this you only be champ for 3 short days, this could be one shortest period of time a wrestler was champion, this will not affect you?

Duke – I am ready for deffend my title every night if i have!!

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – You will face a more techique opponent, do you have any stretegy to win?

Duke – I dont need to do mutch, he is very fast but i only need to hit him one or two times, he wont resist to my moves.

Joey Porter – Dont you are affraid of the pain you will fell in the submission moves?

Duke – I live in permanent pain, so a litle more will not make an difference.

Joey Porter – Thats an interesting thing to say, i am very curious to see tonight match.

Joey Porter –Good luck for the today and lets see if you enter the season pause as a champion.


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