GM Confrontation ~ 28/1/2011

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GM Confrontation ~ 28/1/2011 Empty GM Confrontation ~ 28/1/2011

Post  Mad Dragon on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:46 pm

*The Mississippi Mauler and Alicia Keys are Hard at Work in their office, focusing on the PPV The evidently, both look frustrated... Mad Dragon walks into their office with the PHWF Impact Title Belt slung over his shoulder. He is dressed in his wrestling tights... He stares at The two of them before beginning to pace from one side of the room to the other*

Mad Dragon: Hmmm... It would seem as though you have a new champion... Me.

*The 2 General Managers look up for a second and stare at Mad Dragon boringly before lowering their heads back to their work*

Mad Dragon: Hey! Listen to me. I....

*They both Stand up at hearing this and look angrily at Mad Dragon*

The Mississippi Mauler: I don't need to listen to you, I am in charge here. I don't give a hell what you have to say. You have no Authority around here!

Alicia: Hmm.. It's funny how you only mention yourself and not the whole of the group that you are participating in under Dr. Smith's Leadership who you won the title off!

*Mad Dragon returns their angry glares with his own*

Mad Dragon: Look!

*Mad Dragon points to the Belt*

Mad Dragon: I earn't this fair and square. I didn't cheat... No-one helped me... I did it all by myself. Me and Dr. Smith fought fairly and he was accepting of the fact that I won it. So don't you dare bring the Organisation into this... They support me the whole way.

*Alicia Keys starts to smile before whispering something in The Mississippi Mauler's Ear. He then also begins to smile*

Alicia: Sure... They support you... But lets see if you support them back. We are putting you in a match tonight against Rizza 'man who I also believe is in the Organisation. We will both be looking forward toy our match Mad Dragon. Go Get ready!

*At this, Mad Dragon is Speechless. He yells some intelligible words at them and then storms out of the office. Alicia and Mauler sit back down and return to their work as the screen fades to black*
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