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Post  Playboy on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:02 am

Joey Porter is shown backstage walking down the hallway.

Joey: I’m going to try to get a word with Playboy. I believe his dressing room is just down the hall here.

Joey sees a door on the right side and goes to knock. But he stops to listen and hears some talking and playful giggling. He decides to knock anyway. The giggling stops. After a couple of seconds, the door opens slightly and the crowd applauds as Playboy’s face is shown.

Playboy: This... had better be good.

Joey: Sorry for disturbing you, Playboy, but could have a word with you about your match tonight for the fans.

Playboy sighs.

Playboy: Sure... give me a second.

Playboy closes the door. A few seconds later, Playboy comes out of the dressing room with only a towel around his waist. The ladies in the audience scream.

Joey (looking rather uncomfortable): Playboy... tonight it’s you and Kapito in the ring for #1 contender for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship.

Joey stops and looks at Playboy.

Playboy: Go ahead Joey... you’re going to ask me how I’m preparing for the match, right? The pretty standard stuff.

Joey looks down to Playboy’s towel and then back up.

Joey: Well... I think we have a pretty good idea...

Playboy (tugging at the towel around his waist): Well Joey, if you must know, I’ve been working on my cardio a bit.

The female fans scream as Joey brings his free hand to his forehead and shakes his head.

Playboy: You see, Kapito is a very tough opponent. This is not going to be an easy match, by far. But the Playboy will find a way to come out on top, ride the limousine to the airport, take the private jet to Las Vegas, take the ladies to the Penthouse suite... and party all... night... long. Now if you don’t mind... I’ve got to get back to... preparing.

The female fans scream once again as Playboy opens the door, returns to the dressing room and then closes the door. The scene fades to black.


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