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Post  duke on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:50 am

Jesse Victoria – Good night ladies and gentlemen, Michael, what can we see tonight?

Michael Chu – It is allways a great show but tonight we have interesting matches,lets see how the champion will react to his first defeat.

Jesse Victoria – Thats an interesting thing to see, but the match of today will be different, today is a single match,Duke deppends only with his skills.

Michael Chu – Thats true, their are 2 completely different of matches.

Jesse Victoria – Hello Steve, I think that you have the champion with you.

Joey Porter – Hi Jesse, he is here with me and we will know what he thinks about the match.

Joey Porter – Tell us Duke after last match do you think you will go back to the victories?

Duke – Last match was a mistake in my career, tag matches are allways difficult because you dont deppend only of your skills,but tonight it wouls be very different.

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – You are very confiant in a victory.

Duke – Shure, wraslar is a great player, but he doest stand a chance against my powerfull moves, i just need to hit him hard once.

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – You know that wraslar will trie to make your quit the game, he is a master in making all his opponents quitting.

Duke – Yes, but i am prepare to soffer and in the final win the match, it is not the first time i defeat techique players.

Joey Porter – Today will have a match that could deffine your opponent to the title,do you have any preferences?

Duke – No preferences, noone of that players will take my title, i had a lot of work winning the the title and i will not lose it!!.

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – Thanks Duke for the interview, this is all from here.


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