The Reflection (29/2/11)

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The Reflection (29/2/11) Empty The Reflection (29/2/11)

Post  Mad Dragon on Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:04 pm

*The Lighting around the PHWF Arena dulls down and then shuts completely off leaving the whole arena in Darkness. The casual screams and yelling can be heard as the lights stay off*

Michael: What the Hell is going on???

Jesse: I'm not sure...

*Suddenly, the Arena lights up again and Mad Dragon's Music starts up. Boos begin to fill the Arena as Mad Dragon makes his way down to the Ring with the Briefcase in his left hand. He eventually steps into the ring and grabs a Microphone from Ringside. He lays the Suitcase on the ground and brings the Microphone up to his phone.*

Mad Dragon: Hello everyone. Had a nice Holiday I assume?

*The Audience continue to Boo at Mad Dragon. He Frowns Slightly but continues to Smile evilly.*

Mad Dragon: I'm going to take that as a no...

*Mad Dragon looks around at the Audience for a While*

Mad Dragon: You wanna know how my Holiday was??

*Mad Dragon's Face goes straight from happy to emotionless. The Audience continues to Boo.*

Mad Dragon: My Holiday was Horrible. I Spent all of my Break wondering how a little freak like Rizza 'man was able to win the Title off me at the PPV last Season.. I'm unbeatable. I'm Epic. And a Little Freak who deserves to be in a circus is able to just waltz in and take the title from me?

Mad Dragon: Now... He may be in the Organisation as well... But That's about as important as conversation at a Strip Club.. The fact is that I was unfairly treated by everyone around here... Especially the General Managers. Alicia Keys and The Mississippi Mauler. Because they gave the Title shot to someone who didn't deserve it... I mean...

*Mad Dragon grows Angry*

Mad Dragon: I slaved my ass away trying to finally get a title shot. I worked hard for it and I eventually got it... The Winning of it was just a bonus. And then they give Rizza 'man who has done absolutely nothing a Title Shot.. what the Hell is up with that?!

*Mad Dragon bends down and picks up his briefcase and brings the microphone to his mouth once more.*

Mad Dragon: Well... At Least I will be able to get Vengeance on him.. We have to meet sometime.. We are both in the Organisation after all....

*Mad Dragon gets out of the Ring and walks up the Ramp without acknowledging anyone. He walks out of the view of the Audience who calm down awaiting the next Match.*
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