Friday Night Revive! (2011-03-04)

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Friday Night Revive! (2011-03-04) Empty Friday Night Revive! (2011-03-04)

Post  The Gunshow on Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:05 pm

PowerHouse Wrestling Federation

2011-03-04 23:30

Mauler In Ring
Qualifier- Cannibal Thor & Budzik vs Saurav & Dirt
Not Selected?
Tense Teammates
Qualifier- Xoric & dreamslasher vs The DJs
Crushing Who?
Qualifier- Max & Playboy vs Wraslar & sedrik
A message from Midnight Smoke to BWE
The Power Trip
Qualifier- Detritus & Deadgrave vs Midnight Smoke
Number One Contenders and also.... WINNERS!!
Qualifier- PHWF Originals vs The Champions


Tickets Request: 86.416
Tickets Sold: 86.400
Tickets Income: 864.000 fantaeuros

SOLD OUT SHOW!!!!! I would just like to give thanks to everybody whom put hard work into the show and into PHWF. PHWF wouldnt be a dominate force without you Smile
The Gunshow
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