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Okay, here's the "scoop" and feedback would REALLY help here.

1.Dr. Smith is no more fooled by Mad Dragon's act than anyone, but he obviously wasn't going to upset a potential psycho who could have him run over....that's a proverbial kettle of fish he has on the back burner for the moment.

2.Dr. Smith has finally come out and challenged the GM in a HUGE way! This is the important part, because I have general ideas, but obviously want feedback to see if they work.

The Plan: Dr. Smith has had his lawyers go over the document. He will have TOTAL GM powers for that week (the GM naturally thinking that anything really stupid he does can just be undone the week following...and probably to make more money and win the contest in doing so). Of course in that week the vital part of the document is the fact that he has absolute GM powers, which while limited to that one week encompass everything a GM could do. As GM that would, of course, include being able to make contracts, and etc. So Dr. Smith plans on "stepping down" as GM, naming Rizza 'Man as the new GM. The paperwork will be drawn up and put into effect in his week, and hence while he has the GM power to do it. The paperwork will include a clause stating that the GM can't be fired by the other GM (if they could any GM the current GM used to replace them while sick would get the boot so Mauler could have total control once more), and another clause stating that, in the event of being unable to perform his duties as GM (say due to an accident), Dr. Smith will be allowed to act as the interim GM until such time as Rizza 'Man should be again fit for office.

So there it is, a sneaky takeover, Dr. Smith style! Obviously this had been hinted at before in this section, but never really brought into play until now. That being said, it's vital that feedback be given. Given the world of wrestling, yes it could work...but if it is started, how should it progress (I remember a lot of the old WWE when HHH and Stephanie were acting GMs, and pretty much made every match in favor of them and their that's a possibility. You know this would give The Organization more power).

Post any feedback as a reply to this, and feel free to give feedback on the feedback of others. I mean this would be a major "game changer" so to speak, so it's obviously something that should be hashed out. I'm sure no one wants Dr. Smith in charge for good Smile

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