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Duke- 11 march Empty Duke- 11 march

Post  duke on Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:41 pm

Michael Chu – Good night ladies and gentlemen!!

Michael Chu – Tonight we have a great show, with interesting matches

Jesse Victoria – The last show was really amazing, today my expectatives are very high

Michael Chu – Tonigh the champion have one more opponent who wont to win his title, how do you think Duke will react?

Jesse Victoria – I really dont know but lets see if we can find out more in the backstage

Jesse Victoria – Hello Steve, what you have to say to us?

Joey Porter – Hi Jesse, here with me is a man that wont to be champion today, i have here with me Hasate!!

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – Tell us Hasate do you have what you need to became champion today?

Hasate – Shure, today is my time, Duke only wins techique players he dont stand a chance against a resistence wrestler, i could be all night in the cage fighting, and the title will be mine!!!

The crowd cheers

Joey Porter – You are very confiant in a victory.

Hasate – I work every day for it and i...

Joey Porter – It’s Duke! He’s heard and seen enough of Hasate.

The crowd cheers Duke as the two roll around throwing punches until security is able to pull them apart.
Hasate continues to try and fight past security to get to Duke, however is detained from doing so.

Joey Porter – Quite a turn of events here tonight

Joey Porter – I didnt expect to Duke spoil the party. I have a feeling Hasate not going to let things end like that.


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