All Out in the Open (First Tuesday of Next Season)

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All Out in the Open (First Tuesday of Next Season) Empty All Out in the Open (First Tuesday of Next Season)

Post  Mad Dragon on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:50 pm

*Mad Dragon's Theme Song starts as Mad Dragon walks down to the ring with the title hanging over his shoulder. Also with him is the man that helped him retain the title on the First day of the Title Series. They both climb into the Ring and Mad Dragon grabs a microphone*

Mad Dragon: Ah... I loved going on holidays after the end of Title Series last season. Do you want to know what I did?? Well tough luck... Because i'm going to tell you anyway. I sat back.... relaxed and looked at... my.. shiny new belt... Not to mention that I got all of your ugly faces out of my head... How sad that I had to come back to all you isn't it?

*Mad Dragon paces back and forward within the ring while he waits for the Audience to subside after his comment*

Mad Dragon: I guess you're all wondering why I needed help to retain my belt last season on Day of Title Series. You see... I didn't really need help, but it is always smart to have someone guarding your back.. Especially when you have a Championship hanging over your shoulder or around your waist. Obviously, My Predecessor didn't realize this. That's right, Rizza 'man was too much of an idiot to realize that he had become a target. Anyone who holds gold should know the simple fact that once you win the belt and hold it in your hands for the first time, A huge Red target is drawn on your back.

*Mad Dragon looks at the man next to him, Smiles and then turns back to the Audience*

Mad Dragon: Now, I know what you are already thinking. You are all thinking I am responsible for the Attack on Rizza 'man, I had the Means... The Motive, and I benefited from it by gaining this beautiful piece of shiny gold...

*Mad Dragon trails off, staring into the PHWF Impact! Title Belt, almost on the edge of drooling. The Man snaps his fingers infront of Mad Dragon's Face waking him from his trance*

Mad Dragon: Huh? Oh wait.. Where was I?? Oh yes.. I'm not the one responsible for Rizza 'man's hospitalization. I could never do something so callous and horrible... But I have no problem with watching SOMEONE else do something so callous and so horrible. I told you all and Dr. Smith that I saw him lying on the ground, beaten up... But what I never said was that I saw what happened to him. Step Forward...

*The Man who had been silent and standing still previously steps forward and stands next to Mad Dragon*

Mad Dragon: This is my new Bodyguard, David. He is a veteran, He has spent time as a bouncer around some of the most famous nightclubs where a fight ensues every night. Not only that... But he has been a bodyguard to some of the most important people in the world... But 'm not allowed to disclose who.. I knew that I would be the first suspect when they found Rizza 'man injured... So I got David to attack him instead. Take the Blame completely off me. Do the Dirty Work for me and then let me waltz in and take the title... I have to admit the Fact that everyone believed me proves that you are all complete idiots. Anyway... That was David's Test to work for me.. an let me just say that he passed with flying colors.

As for the Organisation.. I'm guessing you are probably also all wondering what my stance is with it and to tell you the truth... I'm done with it. Dr. Smith, You were always an immature idiot. You would end the Organisation in a second just because you want to have a little go at being General Manager for a Day. In fact. I can't understand it anymore. I simply just cannot understand why I listened to your crazy ideas all these times when it was obvious there were so many other better alternatives. As I said.. I'm done.

*Mad Dragon again looks at David and then back at the Audience*

Mad Dragon: As for Shadow Hawk who I wrestled for the title last season. He didn't know that David would be lurking around, he wasn't expecting him.. and that is exactly how I want it. The Locker Room of PHWF better watch out. Mad Dragon's with a real teammate now. A teammate that knows which priorities come first. As I said when I first Came to PHWF. I'm going to show you the true meaning of 'Powerhouse'!

*Mad Dragon and David both laugh and then get out of the ring and make their way backstage*
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