Match Card for Friday Night Revive! (8/4/2011)

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Match Card for Friday Night Revive! (8/4/2011) Empty Match Card for Friday Night Revive! (8/4/2011)

Post  Mad Dragon on Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:42 am

Friday Night Revive! Match Card

P.S Sorry about the Late (And What should hopefully be the Final Version of the) Match Card. I'm hoping most of the people in the show will read this and be able to RP for the Show. Once again, Sorry for the Late Match Card =)

Match 1: Sedrik VS Duke

Match 2: Honor! VS Revive! (Biggy D VS Mirip The Rock)

Match 3: The DJ's VS Saurav & Cannibal Thor

Match 4: Honor! Exhibition Match (Soulless VS RockyVlad)

Match 5: The Gunshow VS Tokermon

Match 6: SilverJ VS Dirty Mike

Match 7: Big Daddy Darkenliet & Budzik VS Wrasler & Filthy

Match 8: Kapito VS Paul "Playboy" Andrews (Non-Title Steel

Thanks Again! =)
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