The man Arrives

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The man Arrives

Post  Chris Laffey on Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:40 am

Jesse Victoria: We've just been informed that a history breaking signing has been made and he is about to arrive here in PHFW.

-- The titantron lights up showing the view from the parking lot security camera --

Michael Chu: Why are we looking at the carpark, lets just focus on the matches we have coming up, nothing spectacular is going to happen out there just some random wannabe most likily.

-- A limosine slowly comes into the shot and parks just behind a pillar partially obstructing the camera's veiw. Two big muscular men step out of either side of limo pushing away a number of curious fans that have assembled around the car. The camera shot changes to one of a free held camera in amoungst the group of people trying to see who has arrived. A third and final man steps out of the car, the security men create a barrier around the man. The cameraman struggles to get a clean shot of the man exiting the vehicle. He is wearing black glasses and has fairly long black hair and a big smile on his face. One of the gaurds puts his hand up over the camera lense as the man walks past and is only released again when he is in the distance. --

Michael Chu: Well that was a waste of time, we didn't even get a chance to see who this so called superstar is.

Jesse Victoria: Patience Michael, im sure we'll find out soon enough.

(OORP: I couldn't find where you have written how you want your RP's Formatted so I am using what I'm use to and used in the last year + in WWI. Comments etc are welcomed)

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