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Post  Mad Dragon on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:32 am

Jesse: Recently, we got some footage of our PHWF Impact! Champion Mad Dragon at a bar. Obviously, he is sending a message to Dr. Smith about what he is capable of.

Michael: It's just sickening what he did to these men. So damn sickening it makes me want to vomit.

Jesse: He sure proved to everyoner their that he is one of the best and that will put up with absolutely no crap.

Michael: Still sickening I reckon. I mean, who the hell deserves a beating of that nature.. see for yourselves...

*The scene opens to a viewing of security camera footage inside a bar. Mad Dragon in a pair of blue jeans and a green shirt and kanji symbols on the front and back sits at a table with his Impact! Championship laying on the and his bodyguard David who is more formally dressed in a black suit & tie. All the other tables are filled up with workers, quietly sipping their alcoholic beverages, oblivious to everyone else in the room. The bartender continues to serve drinks to his patrons. Suddenly, laughing fills the room as three men walk out of the bathroom and stand next to Mad Dragon's table. The men have a small defensive conversation with Mad Dragon before becoming slightly aggravated. Mad Dragon says something which angers one of the men who throws a punch. Suddenly, as fast as the speed of light, David throws his hand out and grabs the man's throat. The video clicks over into the next recording.*

*David stands up with the man's throat still in between his fingers and lifts him off the ground and throws him to his side making him land on a table. At this point, Mad Dragon stands up in a rush, kicks one of the other men in stomach and knocks him to the ground. While David takes care of the third man, Mad Dragon picks up the other man and performs a suplex, sending the man over his head and through the table that he was sitting at. Mad Dragon then grabs the title belt and runs at the final man slamming his face into the belt as he runs past. The man is knocked unconscious. Mad Dragon begins to taunt the injured men, laughing and spitting in their bloody faces. At this point, the rest of the patrons are staring at Mad Dragon & David in utter horror at their actions. Some people seem eager to stand up and question but remain seated. The Bartender says some words angrily and points towards the door. Mad Dragon argues with the bartender for a few seconds before ultimately admitting defeat, grabbing his title belt and walking out the door with David close behind him.*

*As soon as the two are gone, the bar begins to buzz with talking patrons and with numerous onlookers assisting the three injured men. They are all bleeding profusely and completely unconscious. The bartender shakes his head with a grimace and dials for an ambulance and the police. The Camera footage finishes and cuts out .*
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