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Post  Playboy on Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:58 am

An overhead scene of a crowded lobby is shown and text saying "THIS PAST WEEKEND" appears on the bottom. Clips of people buying merchandise from different venders is shown, then Joey Porter is shown in the middle of it all.

Joey: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here at WrestleReunion, one of the premier wrestling fan conventions in the world.

Playboy is shown sitting at a table signing autographs, talking with fans and taking pictures. Joey is then shown standing beside Playboy

Joey: One of the invitees at this years WrestleReunion is none other than PowerHouse Wrestling Federations own... Playboy Paul Andrews.

Joey turns to Playboy.

Joey: Playboy... how does it feel to be here at WrestleReunion?

Playboy: Joey, it's incredible to be here today. Well, this entire weekend I should say. The crowd is incredible and, of course, they've all sardined themselves in here to see The Playboy, let's face it.

Playboy gestures to the crowd as those within earshot cheer loudly.

Joey: For those at home, describe what it's like to be here and what have you been able to do here.

Playboy: The atmosphere here is unbelievable. There is so much to do here. Pretty much the only thing you can't do here is climb into a ring and give wrestling a try. There are some trainers here recruiting new students, vendors selling wrestling gear and other merchandise. There is also a meet and greet with numerous current and former wrestling superstars. Like I said, you can pretty much do it all other than climb in a ring yourself.

Joey: You seem to have quite a line at your table for autographs here. What are people asking and saying?

Playboy: Well, there are thousands upon thousands of people here and it feels like each and every one of them are lining up here. I tell you, my hand is numb beyond writers cramp with all the autographs I've been signing.

Joey: And what kind of questions are you getting, or what do people seem to want to talk about the most?

Playboy: I seem to get the same questions quite often... is wrestling fake? How much weight can you lift? What's the lifestyle like? Stuff like that.

Joey: So... is wrestling fake?

Playboy looks at Joey with an angry look on his face. After a second or two, Joey begins to laugh.

Joey: Ok, just joking there. So what kind of answers do you have for them?

Playboy: Well, you know... I tell them that there is a lot of positive stuff and negative stuff for every occupation and wrestling is no exception. I don't get too much into the personal stuff.

Joey: But I'm assuming that you have been getting some phone numbers from the honeys, though?

Playboy laughs.

Playboy: Joey, it doesn't matter where I go, I always get phone numbers. But here, when it was advertised I was coming, the ladies were lined up for blocks. The event promoter has even come by and commented that there were more female attendees this year than any other, and they all seemed to get in line right here first. What can I say about that?

Joey: Have you been getting questions from fans interested in getting involved in wrestlng and, if so, what do you say to them?

Playboy: Yeah, I've had that question quite a few times. Like I said before, everything has it's positives and negatives and, if they really want to get into it, they need to work hard 100% of the time. Wrestlers don't just get into a ring for 15-20 minutes and that's it. We have to hit the gym every day for hours on top of travelling, getting our interviews and promos done, the ring work is probably the smallest part of the entire package, but it's the toughest to learn since you get banged up and stuff. They need to work on everything since no one gets along on their ring work skills only. They also need to keep in school so they can have something to fall back on in case wrestling doesn't work out for them.

Joey looks to the camera.

Joey: Some sound advice right there folks.

Playboy interrupts.

Playboy: Sorry Joey, but I have to get back to the table here. The crowd is going nuts since the Playboy has stopped signing.

Playboy steps away as the crowd applauds his return to the table.

Joey: Well guys, this concludes our visit to WrestleReunion. Now...

Joey looks to the crowd and the long line.

Joey: ... I have to get myself in line for an autograph here... looks like it's going to be a long wait. Joey Porter... signing off!

The camera turns to see the crowd in the convention applauding and pushing forward to get themselves on camera. The scene fades to black and returns to the arena.


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