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Post  The Gunshow on Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:31 pm

A PG Cameraman wanders around backstage, looking for something interesting to shoot. The PG cameraman visits the cafeteria area, the work-out area, and the make-up area but still nobody to film. The PG Cameraman here's some rumbling in the PG Locker Room and visits it. The PG Cameraman opens the door and sees The Gunshow hunched over, sitting on a bench, lacing up his wrestling boots. The Gunshow finishes and just lies back to get into the zone. The Gunshow sees the PG cameraman standing at the door and waves him in. The PG Cameraman sits across from The Gunshow. The Gunshow sits up on the bench and stares into the camera.

The Gunshow: Make sure you are recording this

The PG Cameraman gives The Gunshow a thumbs up. The Gunshow puts his hands in front of his face, getz in the zone, pulls his hands away and looks into the camera.

The Gunshow: Blake Lawson.. Blake Lawson.. Blake Lawson lost the Interpromotional Championship tonight. I wanted that belt. I wanted to be the one to end Blake Lawson's Title Reign! I still have to face Blake Lawson in a Last Man Standing Match though but instead of Blake putting up his Interpromotional Championship, he is now so desperate that he is putting up his contract! Blake's career here in PG vs My #1 ranked in PG.

The Gunshow looks down, shakes his head, then looks back up at the camera.

The Gunshow: A desperate man is always dangerous, especially when that man has The Brotherhood behind him. But you know what? I'm a desperate man too. I broke out from my year long losing streak and instantly became #1 in PG due to a fluke. I admit it, the Evil Cup Elimination Chamber match was a fluke! After my next loss I will immediately fall back down the ranks and be a nobody again. I need this win tonight to prove to the world that I am #1 in PG! I need this win to show the world that I still have what it takes to be a star. Most importantly, I need to show myself that I can still wrestle at a high caliber. I am a desperate man as well, I might not have my contract on the line like Blake does but I do have my rank on the line. That means more to me then anything after being ranked Dead Last for a year straight!

The Gunshow rubs his face again, looks back at the camera.

The Gunshow: Do you know what it feels like to hear week after week that you aren't good enough? That you are the worst in the federation? The worst in the world? It hurts, it's painful, I finally got out of that and I'm never going back to that. So Blake Lawson, get ready for a fight tonight. Not a match but a fight. That is what this Last Man Standing Match is going to be, a FIGHT! It doesn't matter what you do to me, what you and Kheldar do to me, I will ALWAYS GET BACK UP! I don't know if you can say the same.

The Gunshow starts laughing to himself and creeps out the PG Cameraman.

The Gunshow: Blake Lawson, after all the hell you put me through this season, it is time to get some of my own payback on you. It was nice knowing you Blake, but it is about time for you and The Brotherhood to leave Proving Grounds. I will take your job from you, retain my #1 ranked status in PG, and I will be the Last Man Standing!!!

The Gunshow stares into the camera with a serious face on. The Cameraman slowly turns as the video feed cuts out.
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