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Post  Chris Laffey on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:36 am

-- "Last resort" by Papa Roach starts playing over the P.A system. The crowd don't respond --

Michael: Who is this... We haven't this theme song in PHWF before. Some new wannabe.

-- Parts of the crowd start going Nuts as the Entrance video starts to play --

Michael: WOW!!!! Is this really him, Chris Laffey is here in PHWF!

Jesse: Who is Chris Laffey??? A minute ago you were hassling the new guy.

Michael: That's before I knew who it was. This must be the guy who arrived in the Limo earlier. We were told correctly when we heard a record signing had been made here in PHWF.

-- Chris Laffey makes his way out from behind the curtain with a cocky grin on his face, The crowd goes balistic. He is wearing Black trackpants and a white singlet topped off with a beanie on his head and a mic in his right hand. He start making his way towards the ring. --

Jesse: I still don't know who this guy is...

Michael: Have you been living under a rock for the past few years. This man has been making impacts in much larger federations than this, winning titles and out shining wrestlers all over the place.

Jesse: Well im leaving my judgement till I've seen what he has to say and how he handles himself here in a PHWF ring. He may of been in bigger places but PHWF is a completely different bowl of fish.

-- Chris Laffey Slides into the ring and looks out at the crowd, he raises the mic near his mouth readying himself to speak. --

Michael: Looks like you're about to get your wish Jesse.

Chris Laffey: (chuckles as the crowd continue to cheer) Now now people no need for all this cheering...
-- The crowd increase in volume after hearing that --
...seriously, your response is unnecessary...
-- The crowd continue to cheer --
(Yelling)...Because you are nothing and you mean nothing to me!
-- The crowd goes dead, then explodes in boo's --

Jesse: ...Wow yeah I see what you mean Michael, he has already left a 'great' impression on me and these fans already.

Chris Laffey: I have been in much bigger and more prestigeous federations than Pussyhouse wrestling federation, therefor your opinion means nothing to me. I am better than you and I always will be. You fans mean nothing to me I'm here for one reason and one reason only. I am here to win the PHWF Undisputed Heavyweight Championship and tonight I start my road to claiming it.

-- The crowd continue too boo loudly and yell abuse towards Chris Laffey. --

Chris Laffey: Tonight Kevin Benoit is going to be the first victim I take down in my path to winning the Gold Rush Tournament and claiming the soon to be my Undisputed World Championship. Mississippi Mauler knew what he was doing when he signed me and knows what is best for this company... and that is for me to lead the way as your new World Champion.
-- The crowd starts chanting "Kick his ass Kevin, kick his ass" --

Michael: Haha that was great, Kevin Beniot is gunna be in trouble tonight and whoever else is unlucky enough to get in this mans path.

Jesse: ...You still like this guy after what he just said about these fans and this company.

Michael: Of course like The Mississippi Mauler I know real talent when I see it and I see this man will go far in this tournament and company, he's not just a showboating wannabe like some of the others we have seen here tonight, he is focussed on the matches not the fans.

-- Chris Laffey is standing in the ring smirking with his arms spread wide enjoying the abuse he is receiving from the fans. He throws his mic to the ring announcer and yells at them to call out his opponent. --

(OORP: Place right before my Match. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome from anyone.)

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