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Post  The Gunshow on Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:51 pm

Here I will give an example of what the RP format should look like.


The lights in the PHWF Arena fades to darkness. Nobody can see nothing. Then all of a sudden, gold beams of light spreads across the Arena’s darkness. Then sparks shower from the TitanTron as “Enemy” by Fozzy fills the arena with its presence

The Gunshow emerges out of the back and onto the ramp. The Gunshow walks down to the ring wearing black jeans, his PHWF Intercontinental Title around his waist, and a grayish muscle tankt. The Gunshow slides into the ring and climbs on top of a turnbuckle. The Gunshow flexes for awhile then he jumps down and stands in the center of the PHWF ring. Somebody tosses him a mic and he starts to speak:

The Gunshow: Oh My God! This is sooo awesome!

The crowd cheers

The Gunshow: It just feels awesome to be standing here in the middle of this ring as an PHWF signed wrestler! Standing here in front of the PHWF Fans! Standing HERE inside the original PHWF Arena!!

The crowd cheers louder

The Gunshow: Wow! That’s something new. I’m not used to getting cheered. It actually feels kind of awesome.

The crowd cheers even LOUDER

The Gunshow: So tonight is a PHWF New Breed night. No PHWF Originals are allowed to have a match on the PHWF re-opening. Well, I am upset with this but it doesn’t stop me from coming out here tonight and stand here in front of you guys!

The crowd cheers again for The Gunshow

The Gunshow: For some of you that remember, I was the first EVER PHWF Intercontinental Champion! Then PHWF shuts down and Filthy gets his own fed. Blockbuster Wrestling Entertainment brought over the PHWF Intercontinental Championship with them. After 6 seasons of BWE’s existence, I decide to join them. Man, was it good to run around with all the PHWF Originals again. So, the very first night I was with BWE, I won the PHWF Intercontinental Championship! There on out for 2 seasons, I have defended MY title 4 times. All 4 times, I have been successful. During the break, Mauler called me up and told me that he was re-opening PHWF and wanted me to come wrestle for him. Filthy released me out of my contract and both me and my PHWF Intercontinental Championship belt came back to PHWF!!

The crowd cheers

The Gunshow: Thank you everybody. And seriously, this does feel different. I am used to getting booed at. Hahaha.

The crowd laughs with The Gunshow

The Gunshow: So the main event is coming up next. I really wanted to headline the grand opening of PHWF “Same Name, New Attitude,” but tonight they are emphasizing the “New Attitude” part by having an PHWF New Breed night. It kills me that I can not wrestle tonight, but on PHWF Friday Night Revive! I will be the main event. Not only is Friday going to start the beginning of the 16man Gold Rush Tournament, but the main event will be an PHWF Originals Tag Team match!

The crowd is applauding with please

The Gunshow: Thank You Mauler for signing me. Thank You Ms. Keys for letting me come out tonight and speak. And Thank You to my fans for keeping me in the Wrestling Business for all this time. Without you guys, I would be nothing. Thank You.

The crowd gives The Gunshow a standing ovasion as The Gunshow responds by bowing to the fans. He slides out of the ring with his PHWF Intercontinental Championship and walks to the back. As he is walking back, he stops to shake some fans’ hands in the process. The Gunshow gets to the top of the ramp and raises his PHWF Intercontinental Championship high in the air. The Gunshow lowers his title and walks to the back.


So now let me explain. Any actions or reactions are going to be italizied. Names before you speak will be bolded. The entire sentence/phrase will be in color along with the name of the person speaking.

Our outline is very simple, but if you have your own way of writing RPs then that is not a problem. PHWF has a skilled team that will help format every RP the right way.

Thank You for your cooperation
-GM Gunshow
The Gunshow
The Gunshow

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