First ever Smithy awards

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First ever Smithy awards Empty First ever Smithy awards

Post  Dr. Smith on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:23 am

Dr. Smith comes out with more urgency than most times, getting to the ring and letting his nurse hand him a microphone.

Dr. Smith: You know, I have to hand it to our mysterious fellow who attacked me last week. He managed to take me out for awhile with those steel chairs. I mean yeah, he had to do it by sneaking up behind me. Oh, and I guess I was back on my feet and cleared to wrestle in a match later that same evening. But no, seriously, good job. To congratulate you I made this...

His nurse hands him a statue that looks like a cartoon burglar holding a steel chair while sneaking.

Dr. Smith: Mysterious didn't really bother giving your name, but then who can blame is my honor to award you with the first ever Smithy! This award represents outstanding achievement in the field of wrestling entertainment. Since you would have to come face to face with me to accept this award I guess I'll leave it in back for you to pick up when no one is looking. Still, I'm proud to present this Smithy to "Mysterious Fellow" for his achievement, I just went ahead and assumed you were a man by the way, in utterly failing to achieve what should have been one of the easiest tasks in this sport. Congratulations.

Dr. Smith holds the award under his arm, clapping a polite golf clap along with his nurse. He starts walking out and his nurse stops him, whispering something in his ear.

Dr. Smith: Oops, sorry. Peacemaker, I hear you're my opponent tonight. I hear that i have to defend my PHWF Lightweight Championship against you. I'm sorry for that, because once I beat you, our mysterious fellow will probably have to think of an attack that takes even less courage than hitting me from behind. Maybe he will get a job in the cafeteria and spit in my meals.

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