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Post  Chris Laffey on Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:06 am

Joey Porter is seen standing in the backstage area. He is walking along a corridor talking to someone off camera. Joey stops beside a door, waves to whom ever he was talking to and turns to face the camera.

Joey Porter: I've been asked to come get some insight into our upcoming match in the Quater finals of the Gold Rush Tourament between Ice_Blast and last Fridays successful debutant in PHWF *mumbles* ,and up himself jerk, Chris Laffey.

The door behind Joey opens and out walks Chris Laffey dressed in his ring attire of Trackpants and a white tank top.

Joey Porter: Chris, Could I get afew comments before you head out to face Ice_Blast in this important tournament match?

Chris Laffey: No

Joey looks slightly taken aback by Chris's quick and undesired answer

Joey Porter: Why not, too scared...

Joey takes a step to the side slightly blocking Chris' way in hope of an answer.
Chris looks down at Joey

Chris Laffey: No Joey, because I am better than you and better Ice_Blast and in a few minutes I will show that to you and to everyone. I have no reason to answer to you or to anyone here in PHWF, and at our upcoming PPV you and everyone else will have to learn to live with that when I am crowned PHWF World Champion!
Now get out of my way...

Chris places his right hand on Joey's face and pushes him back a metre or two into the wall with ease.

Chris Laffey: I have a match to go win.

Joey has one arm on his lower back and the other on his face.

Joey Porter: Well I guess he's on his way to the ring to get this match started and I personally hope Ice_Blast kicks his arse!

The camera fades to black

(OORP: Feel free to comment, Anyone. To be placed right before my match)

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