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Post  Dr. Smith on Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:26 pm

Direx enters the locker room . As he opens his locker a big cloud of some sort of gas sprays out. As he coughs a tape recording starts...the voice familiar but altered to be more sinister.

Dr. Smith's Sinister Voice: Hello Direx. I've just got done watching Saw, and it inspired my vengeance upon you. You might not know that I have real medical skills. That gas you inhaled a moment ago is deadly. You have only two hours to live unless you take the antidote. One wrestler backstage has the antidote, but has been instructed to pretend they don't. You're brave when it comes to attacking someone from behind, but now you'll have to see if you're brave enough to attack several to save your life.

The recording clicks off, and Direx can already feel his pulse racing.

((OOC: Actually the gas just heightens the fight or flight responses, and gets the pulse racing. It will have no actual effect beyond that, and thus no one is holding the antidote...little does he know. Muahahaha!))

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