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Post  Mad Dragon on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:23 pm

The Scene opens in the Ring after interval, all the crowd is seated and is awaiting the start of the next part of the show

Everything goes dark for a second and then suddenly, dim lights turn into Bright white lights & Mad Dragon's Music Hits the Titantron as Mad Dragon makes his way down to the ring dancing and chanting his name to himself

Michael: Oh man... Not this guy again... I don't know if I will be able to keep control of myself...

Jesse: If you favour your job, I suggest you do keep control!

Michael mumbles something under his breath

Mad Dragon walks past the ring and over to the announcer's table and slams his hands down in front of Michael, Smirks at him and then whispers something into his ear that makes Michael turn Red with Rage

Michael: WHAT??!! Stands up Your an Idiot

Mad Dragon pays no attention to him and makes his way to the ring with a Microphone

Jesse pulls Michael to his seat who is still brimming with rage

Mad Dragon stands in the ring for a while, all the time, the audience is constantly boo-ing him for what he has done. He puts the microphone to his mouth and opens his mouth to a brimming Grin

Mad Dragon: I guess your wondering what I just said to Michelle Down there... Well... Don't worry I'm not going to keep you in the dark. If you will remember to just 3 nights ago... I told you that I would beat anyone that stood in my way. I asked for a Match... I don't feel I got one however.

All I got was a wuss who doesn't know the slightest thing about wrestling. I showed Ice_Blast, and all of you of my power!! I also told you that the New people in this company are a hell of a lot better then the Originals of this company. I also know why you all boo me. I was resting and it suddenly came to me...

You are all jealous that I am way better then anyone else to ever step foot in this ring! You are all JEALOUS of my wrestling prowess and just can't come to admit that what you call your 'favourite wrestler' isn't as good as you think they are!


Mad Dragon: Disregarding Michelle's Comment

Michael once again brims with rage

Mad Dragon: I am EPIC. I showed you the type of carnage and punishment I dish out in the ring...

Mad Dragon Sighs as Audience continues to boo him

Mad Dragon: Now a message to my fellow wrestlers in the back. Especially to all of you oldies in the back. I'm coming for you. You have no protection from the Dragon. I WILL get you. And I will take you out of Powerhouse Wrestling for Good. If any of the other new breed feel like joining me, then go ahead... The more... The merrier! And the more pain we can inflict on the Originals

Michael mumbles something under his breath, causing Mad Dragon to stare at him intensely

Mad Dragon: That includes you, Chu..

Michael looks shocked as Mad Dragon bursts out laughing, bringing on another fit of boo's from the audience

Mad Dragon walks out of the ring and backstage as the scene fades to black.

Change the '3 Days' comment as you will. Depends on when and if you decide to put it in a show
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