PHWF Presents: "Brawl To Start Them All" (2010-06-25)

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PHWF Presents: "Brawl To Start Them All" (2010-06-25) Empty PHWF Presents: "Brawl To Start Them All" (2010-06-25)

Post  The Gunshow on Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:33 pm

PHWF Presents: "Brawl To Start Them All"

2010-06-25 23:30

Interview with Filthy
PHWF Impact Championship Match!!
PHWF Original vs KevinBenoit
Title match: PHWF Intercontinental Championship
Why Not?
Pyscho Joe vs S.S.S. (Pyscho of Fun Match)
Title match: PHWF Lightweight Championship<
#1 Contender- PHWF Intercontinental Championship
??? vs Daniel Johnson
Another Call?
Ivy & Hellfire vs Rizza 'man & Rimshot
Title match: PHWF Undisputed Heavyweight Champi


Tickets Request: 40.754
Tickets Sold: 20.184
Tickets Income: 201.840 fantaeuros

WOW! Just an amazing job you guys! we hit 40k ticket requests as a regional fed! This is unbelieveable! Thank all of you sooo much for a great season everybody. I hope you all enjoyed this season. We just dominated and next season is gunna be even better.
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