An Unlikely Team

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An Unlikely Team

Post  Mad Dragon on Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:56 pm

Mad Dragon enters the locker room while Andrew is preparing his elbow pads for their tag team match

Mad Dragon: So Hunter, I heard we have a match tonight. I'm just warning you, during this match, don't get in my way. Just because we both want respect as the new superstars of PHWF, doesn't mean I won't Pummel you if you get in my face. I'm in this to win it, and I don't have time to pick you up when someone pushes you down.

Andrew Hunter finishes straightening his elbow pads and looks up at Mad Dragon

Andrew Hunter: Is that a threat? Yes, we do have a tag team match tonight. But I'm just as worried as you. I'm here to make a name and fight. You shouldn't get in my way either, unless you want to eat your words!

Mad Dragon: Yea. Lets just make sure we own those Originals. They have some of OUR respect.

Andrew Hunter puts a smile on his face and looks at his elbows, to make sure the elbow pads are on straight before opening his mouth to speak

Andrew Hunter: You know, I'm willing to fight till I can't fight no more. You have to ask yourself: are you? I am one hundred percent willing to promise now that: Justice will be served!

Mad Dragon: No way. I dont give a care in the slightest about Justice!

Mad Dragon grabs some gloves out of his locker, slams the door and stands at the doorway

Mad Dragon: Remember what I said.

Mad Dragon walks out

Andrew Hunter: Why do I feel like I can' trust him? Hmm, very odd.

Andrew begins taping up his wrist as the shot fades
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