The belt is gone, long live the belt!

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The belt is gone, long live the belt! Empty The belt is gone, long live the belt!

Post  Dr. Smith on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:49 pm

Dr. Smith comes to the ring, stepping in and standing there taking in the boos and cheers while looking down at his microphone. Finally he raises it to speak.

Dr. Smith: Direx, I know that a lot of people expected me to come out here tonight and badmouth you, or try to complain about cheating on your part. The fact is, however, that you beat me plain and simple. I'm not the best of people, and if someone does something to me I admit that I tend to try to get back at them. Having that belt taught me something though. It taught me respect for the whole championship system. People earn those belts. I earned my belt my way, and on Tuesday you earned that belt your way. If I'm upset with anyone it's with myself for not bringing my best to the ring.

He looks around, looking up at the lights before continuing.

Dr. Smith: I have a rematch clause, as we all do, but to be honest I think I'm going to hold off on that. I have some time before it expires, so I might as well use that time to train myself and see if I have what it takes to get the belt back. If not, well then we know the best man has the belt and I will congratulate you for it. Until then you better treat that belt with the respect it deserves. Let it teach you as it taught me.

Then, without saying anything more, he sets the microphone down and starts leaving the ring.

((OOC: This is kind of a slight face turn for Dr. Smith. Though he won't be a super good guy Smile ))

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