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Post  TheAmericanSamurai on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:35 pm

--The camera fades in on one of the many hallways of the back area, bringing a profile shot of Max Thomas into view as he tapes his fists.
He bites off the tape then lifts his head, still looking offscreen.--

Max: For those of you who were too cheap to come to Tuesday's show, you wouldn't have seen what I can do out in that ring.
The kind of injury I'm capable of committing, the kind of damage I'm able to inflict.

But all of you are in luck this week, you actually get to see a real superstar compete tonight, up next as a matter of fact.
But I have to ask...

--Max turns his head to look deep into the camera.--
Who the heck is my opponent?
No, I know his name you morons.
--He rolls his eyes after answering what seems to be more than a few of the audience's question.--
Paul Andrews...
Who are you?

--Max moves his head side to side a bit and squints as he looks into it before turning his body to face the camera.--
What legacy do you have?
What makes you think you deserve to fight me?

--His eyes open and a smirk crosses his lips.--
The answer's nothing Paul.
After your career ends...
after the last curtain call...
after the last light leaves your eyes...

You won't even be an afterthought, not even a passing whisper.
There won't be, any fanfare any remembrance.
Because you've done nothing with your life, Paul. Nothing, except pump chemicals into your steroid-given, boozed up body.
Nothing, except ride the wave of gifts you've never had to work for.

I work harder on the lazy days, than you have your entire life.
Why do you think you can beat me? In one of my favorite matches no less?
Tonight you learn,

--Max uncaps a sharpie under the shot and scribbles on his wrist tape then raises them up to form an 'x' in front of the camera, 'x'es drawn on the backs of his hands to complete the image.--
why straightedge,
makes me better than you.

--He grins confidently before walking offscreen as the camera fades to black.--

(OORP: This is under the assumption I win on Tuesday, if I don't I'll change it accordingly.)

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