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Post  TheAmericanSamurai on Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:50 pm

--The camera fades in on Joey Porter, mic in hand, standing in one of the backstage locker rooms.--
Joey: I now join "American Samurai" Max Thomas in hi-
--Max, who clearly hasn't finished tying his wrist tape, the roll hanging from his right hand, stands up and takes the mic from the interviewer.--
Max: Who said you could introduce me? Get the hell out of here Porter.
--The wrestler stares daggers at him as Joey shows clear apprehension until he walks around between Max and the camera on his way out of the locker room.
Max watches him walk out of the room, the sound of the door shutting confirming his leaving, before turning back to the camera.--

Max: Now that that's over.

I've been getting calls and emails all week from you people,
and to confirm the rumors, yes. I'm going to be representing Friday night Revive,
and whether you want to admit it or not.

--Max points at the camera with each word to put an exclamation point to them--
Each and every one of you knows you need me.
--He grins wide into the camera--
You need me if Friday's going to win,
the fact that I'm with Paul again-

--The door gets thrown open with a loud slam offscreen and Max turns his head, the camera turning to bring a robe-clad Playboy into shot, the female fans audibly screaming from the arena.--

Max: And what do you want?
--Playboy moves closer with an intense look on his face, Max taking a small step back.--
Playboy: You're going to be on Playboy's team again tonight?
Well, much as the Playboy doesn't like it, you and I dominated last time.

--He points a firm finger to Max's chest, poking him with every word with the other wrestler moving back a bit from the force.--
You better not screw me.
Because Playboy has NO issue leaving you laying in a pool of your own blood looking up at the lights again.

--Max pushes his hand to the side as his face shifts into a look of frustration.--
Max: Playboy this, Playboy that. I'll tell you what PAUL,
You don't get in my way, I don't break your ankle. Got it?

--He drops the mic and pushes past the much more solid wrestler as best he can on his way out of the locker room, leaving Playboy alone in the locker room.
The camera zooms in to his face, showing annoyance with the samurai's continued attitude, before fading to black.--

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Post  Playboy on Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:37 pm

Thanks for writing something, Max. I really have absolutely no time this week.


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