Where are all the other guys?

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Where are all the other guys?

Post  !mpact on Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:03 am

!mpact enters the locker room for the first time after Tuesdays match. As the door behind him shut he stops and drops his bag and starts thinking

!mpact: Ok... so thats the locker room.. ok. Not really big and most of the lockers seem to be broken and everything is dusty.. Looks like there was no one for a long long time. Hopefully this will be fixed... But what do I expect...?

He looks at his first paycheck which he holds in his hand...

!mpact: Almost a third of what I earned in my previous fed...

He puts the check in his pocket

!mpact: At least that first match here was great. I'd like to talk to those other guys The German - seems like hes a fellow countryman - or my tag partner Mr Twister... but.... where are they? Looks like I'm the only one around here... strange...

He picks his bag up and leaves the locker room heading towards the parking lot hoping to find someone else there

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