PHWF Friday Night Revive! (2010-06-04)

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PHWF Friday Night Revive! (2010-06-04)

Post  The Gunshow on Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:23 am

PowerHouse Wrestling Federation

2010-06-04 23:30

PHWF Original's Limo
Prelims Match: TheDaywalker vs Evan Bourne
The Lightweight Champion weighs in
Prelims Match: the legend wrecker vs Great Bear
"The Man" Arrives
Prelims Match: The Rimshot vs TRIPLE B
Mystery Caller?
Prelims Match: Hugh Michaels vs Super Simmo
Prelims Match: KevinBenoit vs Chris Laffey
PHWF Originals
Prelims Match: Franz Schmidt vs Ice_Blast
Prelims Match: Rizza'man vs !mpact
Video Package
Prelims Match: Ivy vs Daniel Johnson
PHWF Competition


Tickets Request: 10.852
Tickets Sold: 7.658
Tickets Income: 76.580 fantaeuros

awesome job today guys! Thanks for all of your hard work! We sold out by over 3000 tickets!!! I am just spending all the fed's money on seats so we can sit more fans. Guys, the way we are going, no Regional fed can stop us!
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